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Single Moms at the Benefit Retreat!

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Join us next year for the very first Single Mom Benefit Retreat!

As a mom, especially a single mom we are always working and providing for our kids. They are our number one priority and will always be. However, as human beings we all need a moment to breathe and refill our cups so to speak.  Being a mom is the most beautiful gift in the world but it comes with demands that can sometimes leave us drained and if we are not careful we can lose ourselves in the process. 

The Single Mom Network will host it's first ever benefit retreat to bring moms together from all over the world to experience a weekend of fun, workshops, and amazing speakers to motivate you in all areas of your life.  100% of the proceeds from this retreat will go towards program development and the very first Single Mom Network Resource Center which is currently projected to open Winter 2021 in Atlanta, GA.  To learn more about the Single Mom Network you can visit our website at 

Join us  from June 11th-June 14th  2021 in Cancun  at Now Sapphire Riviera         for a time you won't forget! Grab your friends and register to attend.We are expecting a huge response and space is limited as this this is an all inclusive resort! Registration include food, drinks, and your flight. If you are not flying out of Atlanta, GA rates may vary.

If you need to make installment payments please complete the following steps. 

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Benefit Retreat

Where Dreams Meet Opportunity

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Founder of the Single Mom Network 

TJ Ware

Founder of God's Got This

Kayla Steck

Rubia Garcia

Educator,Activist,Motivational Speaker, & Dance Instructor

Founder at New Orleans Salsa Bachata Festival

Stephanie Tiller

April Mason

Speaker, Author, Influencer

Tj Alvarado

Host on The Single Mom Life

Owner of Blazefit Wellness

Host on The Single Mom Life Show

Radio & Talk Show Personality at Morning Coffee Swig 


Jill Winkler

Host on The Single Mom Life


Dawn Moore

Owner of Moore 2 Life Consultants

Jamila Hairston

CO-Founder Cloudtech Academy

Exciting Speakers, Panelist, & More will be added. Stay Tuned For Updates!

Samantha Gregory

CEO at Small Biz CTO

Founder of Rich Single Mama

We are super excited to bring you some of the top speakers for this retreat along with Single Moms from all over killing it! Grab your girlfriends and let's make this an event to remember. 

Interested in presenting or being a vendor? Please email us at



 Workshop #1  

Financial Literacy

Learn how to break the cycle of financial distress by understanding money, credit, and investments. It's important for us to work to leave a legacy for our children. Our Financial Coach & Credit Repair experts will give their top secrets on how to conquer your goals.

 Workshop #4 

Dating as a Single Mom

Yes!! It is a huge topic among us and one that should be discussed. How do you get back out there? When to introduce your children to a significant other? What's the best platform for online dating? We are not sure if there is a right or wrong answer for any of these questions, but we will definable work something out. 

 Workshop #2  

Career Building

Looking to advance in your career or maybe you are just wanting to change careers altogether? Hear from career coaches that can help you excel to the next level.

 Workshop #5 


Sheesh! How many of us can use some advice here? There is so much to cover and we are excited to bring you top experts in the legal and counseling industry to share insight on things that could be super helpful for you. 

 Workshop #3  

Health & Wellness

We all know that health is wealth! Staying healthy is so important as well as keeping a healthy mental state in general. Our little angels depend on it.  Join this workshop and learn health techniques to live your best life. 

 Workshop #6  

Personal & Professional Development

Investing time and effort into your personal and professional development is always a plus! When was the last time you had a check up on your goals and dreams? In this workshop learn your strengths, personality type, and discover your gifts. 



Friday June 11th

3pm - 7pm

Meet & Greet

 Guest Arrival & Check In

Friday June 11th


Welcome Gala

All White Party

Saturday June 12th 8:30am-4:00pm

Keynote Speakers

Buckle Your Seatbelt For Some Amazing Testimonies

Workshop Sessions

Learn From The Best In the Industry When it comes to Finances, Dating, Careers, Co-Parenting, Entrepreneurship, & More

Saturday June 12th


Fun In The Sun

Sunday June 13th


Brunch & Talk

Up Close & Personal 

Panels & Discussions on Topics That Matter to Us

Sunday June 13th


Leisure Activities

Yoga, Touring, and More

Monday June 14th

Check Out & Travel Home


Come Join Us

June 11th-14th,2021

Cancun, Mexico

Registration Now Open! Please register at the link above! 

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